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Simply Put

5 Amazing Ways Shea Butter is Skin-Loving

Destiny Faithe


Shea butter, in all its nutty and buttery goodness, comes from the Karite (Shea) tree which is native to Africa. The nuts of the Karite tree are harvested and boiled to release shea oils. Once the oils are skimmed away from the nuts, the nuts are removed, dried and crushed to extract what we know as shea butter. Unsurprisingly, shea butter has a nutty and somewhat smoky aroma. It is renowned for a certain silkiness when you apply it to the skin.


We usually associate smooth skin with beauty, while drier, rough skin can appear unduly aged. While this can be experienced on the face, it tends to be the hands that show the first signs of a lack of moisture. Using products like our hand balm that contain shea butter, helps your skin to look soft, smooth and ever so desirable, with such little effort!


Wondering if shea butter can be used on your face? It absolutely can, on both the face and body to moisturize skin for a beautiful glow. You might be surprised to learn that the fatty properties of shea butter make it an even better moisturizing choice than coconut oil, another favorite natural skin care ingredient. We recommend applying shea butter body balm straight after showering or bathing because the American Association of Dermatology believes moisturizers can help to trap existing moisture in your skin.


Shea butter’s non-greasy, yet naturally-fatty properties make it ideal to apply to the skin for self-massage. According to Dr Leslie S. Baumann, the fatty acids that give shea butter these features include stearic, oleic and lineolic acid. So, why use it for self-massage? Well, massage helps you feel relaxed, while shea butter has a calming effect on the skin, increasing the overall benefits.

Try a daily self-massage with our hair and body butter to experience the luxurious melting feeling of shea butter for yourself. You can even massage all the way to your scalp, where skin irritation is often a concern. When your hair is coated in shea butter, it helps to make it more manageable, without making it greasy.


Vitamins A and E within shea butter are perfect for helping the fragile skin of your lips look supple (and more kissable too!). Co-Pur lip balm contains shea butter to conveniently moisturize and soften dry lips.


Because shea butter is so softening and moisturizing, you can probably tell that it is a very gentle ingredient as well. That’s why we love it so much at Co-Pur and include it as a base ingredient in just about everything from our cleansing soaps to our loving balms.

Check out our blog for more insights about natural ingredients being the key to natural beauty.





5 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Skin

Destiny Faithe

Tea Tee Tree.jpg

Have you heard a little about tea tree oil being great for the skin and want to know more? The truth is, tea tree oil can benefit the skin in some very specific and yet completely natural ways. This essential oil possesses its incredible properties thanks to an Australian native tree. You see, it is steam-distilled from the branches and leaves of the shrub-like Melaleuca. It has a wonderfully distinct piney and refreshing smell, which is we love it so much!

Now, let’s take a closer look at five ways tea tree oil can help your skin look radiant:

Acne Control

You’ll probably be excited to hear that tea tree oil can be used by acne sufferers. According to the American Association of Dermatology, clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of the topical application of pure tea tree oil on acne-prone skin, particularly for mild to moderate cases. According to the Dermatology Review, the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil destroy the bacteria colonizing on the skin’s surface, which is the underlying cause of acne.

Tea tree oil also sinks into the skin to help clear pores clogged with natural oils and debris. Tt’s non-comedogenic – another wonderful property. Tea tree oil is a low-irritant to the skin, so this natural alternative is becoming increasingly popular as people look to avoid the side effects that can accompany chemical-based acne treatments.

Eczema Relief

According to Healthline, studies have shown pure and diluted tea tree oil to be more effective than some prescription treatments at reducing the symptoms of eczema. Primarily, this is because of tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory properties which help lessen the skin irritation that is associated with eczema. Its antibacterial properties are also key to stopping any infection from spreading during eczema flare ups.

Razor Burn Relief

Another of tea tree oil’s benefits for skin is providing relief from the common and unsightly razor burn. Keep your skin feeling soft with our Cool Tea Tree Body Balm. Rub into your skin daily, after showering, and you’ll have silky-smooth legs again in no time!


We know you’d rather not think about it, but fungal foot infections do happen to the best of us! After all, our busy lives mean we spend most of our days with our feet restricted in shoes. Pure tea tree oil can help keep fungal growth at bay because of its antiseptic properties. These properties make it useful for athlete’s foot and fungal nail infections. It can even help with odors that accompany foot conditions.


At Co-Pur, we love the hydrating benefits of this mighty oil, from top to toe. Our Cool Tea Tree Soap is a gentle cleanser, and not drying – thanks to tea tree oil. Use it daily and see your skin start to glow!

If you feel like your hands are always dry, then suffer no longer! Our Cool Tea Tree Hand Balm containing tea tree oil moisturizes everything richly. Even your cuticles will thank you!

Want to know more? Visit our blog for more info and tips on using natural oils to get that glow!




5 Causes of Dry Lips and How to Care for Them

Destiny Faithe

Everyone wants kissable lips that look beautiful, but feel supple too. Unfortunately, dry lips are a real problem. Dry lips tend to feel uncomfortable in the early stages. If they don’t receive moisturization, they can crack, causing stinging sensations and even exposure to infection.

According to the Dermatology Review, the reason lips dry out quickly is because the skin is very thin. They also don’t contain sebaceous glands so they can’t hydrate themselves with naturally-produced oils. The lips are very exposed, which is why they are susceptible to several dry lips causes. So, to protect and moisturize them, they need some special care.

Here are five common causes of dry lips and our top tips to establish good lip hydration:

1.     Exposure to the elements

Many of nature’s conditions can be drying to the lips. The sun, wind, cold and dry weather can all contribute to moisture being sapped from your skin, especially the lips which are always exposed.

Tip: For general protection from the elements apply a calming lip balm every day. Co-Pur Lip Balm contains moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and organic shea butter to condition and provide moisture. The addition of beeswax allows the moisture to be sealed in naturally. Use lip balm as part of your daily skin care routine and apply it more regularly when your lips are feeling extra dry. It’s perfect for when you fly! In fact, Co-Pur Lip Balm is even a Viva Glam top pick for travel.

2.     Toothpaste and cosmetic products

According to Neil Sadick M. D., a clinical professor of dermatology, chapping can be caused by using toothpastes with a less-hydrating base. Toothpastes often contain the foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate, which can be irritating and drying to the lips.

Tip: Natural or sensitive toothpaste formulas tend to be more hydrating. If you have persistently dry lips, it’s a good idea to try a new toothpaste.

3.     Biting and licking the lips

When the lips feel dry already it can be instinctual to lick them in an attempt to rehydrate them. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect. While it can seem to be providing momentary relief, saliva will actually dry them out further.

Tip: Habits are always a bit tricky to break, but you’ll see significant improvement if you stop licking and biting your lips.

4.     Dehydration

Our whole body depends on water for hydration and the lips are no different.

Tip: Ensure you sip on plenty of water throughout the day, as the small amount that lingers on your lips can help to moisturize them.

5.     Mouth breathing

Breathing through the mouth rather than the nose causes your mouth to dry out, as well as your lips. You might breathe through your mouth when you sleep, but having a cold is also a common time to have this issue.

Tip: All the tips we’ve mentioned so far are essential to follow for dry lips care, but when you are having difficulty breathing through your nose, it’s particularly important to apply soothing lip balm for hydration routinely.

Want to know more? Visit our blog to discover more tips for soothing dry skin, naturally.



None of your Beeswax

Amber Frase

What do you think of when you hear the word bee? Most people right off the bat would say honey. Maybe others would think about flowers and crops, and how bees are responsible for pollinating our favorite ones. At Co-Pur, the first thing that comes to mind is beeswax!

Beeswax has been used for many centuries, whether it was to create lifelike paintings in ancient Egypt or create candles in the 6th and 7th century in Germany. Nowadays beeswax still has many uses, from making candles and cosmetics, to wood fillers and polishes.

Beeswax is made by honey bees to form honeycomb cells. There they store a surplus of honey that they have produced for the winter or use it to raise their young. People who raise bees, take these honeycombs, drain the honey, and then melt down the beeswax and refine it. 

Beeswax has many benefits for attaining healthy skin. First off, when applied to skin beeswax creates a protective boundary, which helps retain moisture. Beeswax also can be very soothing for those with extremely dry itchy skin. For example, this past winter I had a severe case of dry skin on the back of my calf. I was applying a water based lotion and it was doing nothing to relieve it. Then I started using one of Co-Pur's Body Balms that contains beeswax, and within three days the dry itchy patch had completely cleared up.

If that wasn't enough to convince you of beeswax's goodness, did I forget to mention that it is also a good source of vitamin A and that it's antibacterial?

We currently use beeswax in our Hand Balms, Body Balms and Lip Balms. 





Cut this, Add that

Amber Frase

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it's that I love food. A deep passionate love. I really enjoy discovering new cuisines! Who doesn't love a good dish? However, there have been numerous studies on how our diet can affect our skin, both in good and bad ways!  So if your skin needs a little pick me up, consider adding or cutting out these foods.

Oily Skin Types:

Consider cutting out refined grains such as white bread or instant rice. Refined grains tend to lose fiber and other nutrients during processing and have a high glycemic index. 

Instead, try adding whole grains such as quinoa or brown rice.

Dry Skin Types:

Try adding fatty fishes such as trout, salmon and tuna. They contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps your skin keep in moisture. Don't like fish? Try some yummy avocados!

Acne Prone Skin Types:

Consider cutting back on refined sugars. Notice the phrase "cutting back" was used and not "cutting out", because let's be real, sometimes all we want is a slice of chocolate cake. However, depending on your intake of sugar, you could be spiking up your blood sugar levels. Which has been linked to breakouts.

So try skipping that sugary beverage and substituting for some good ole fashioned H2O. Or even skip the morning breakfast pastry for some fresh fruit

Banishing Wrinkles:

Consider cutting down on alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, so it will appear to look less fresh and plump.

Instead, try adding more antioxidants into your system, such as blueberries. Antioxidants help fight free radicals that damage your skin and cause visible signs of aging. Blueberries are chalk full  of antioxidants, so go on and pop those suckers in!

For All Skin Types:

Drink more water!!! 

Hope this was helpful to everyone. If you liked this post be sure to share it with your friends or comment with your own skin boosting foods!