Fighting the Effects of Wintry Weather on Your Skin

If you’re like me, the seasonal changes from summer to fall and then fall to winter wreaks havoc on your skin. (Especially here in Colorado where we see all three seasons in the same day! Witnessed early this week when it was a beautiful sunny 63 degrees in the morning and then 16 degrees and snowing by late afternoon. Yikes, hello Winter!). The harsh fall wind and something about the shift to bitter cold makes my face flake and the rest of my skin crack. I lose my summer tan and spend a lot of time wishing I had my healthy glow back. There is still much that can be done, though, to keep your skin fresh and nourished throughout the cold seasons. To care for your skin as you transition out of the summer climate, it’s a good idea to change your skin care routine slightly to accommodate the elements and give your skin some extra TLC. Here are 6 practices to stick to religiously this season.

1. Make exfoliation a priority at least once a week. Gently exfoliate your skin. Be sure to use a gentle scrub for your face such as our Face Scrub + Mask made with french green clay and camomile. For the rest of your skin try our Sea Salt Body Scrub with moisturizing avocado and almond oil. This will refresh your skin and get rid of the skin that is either dry from too much previous time in the sun or flaky from the cold elements.

2. Change your products like your wardrobe. You may have been using more lightweight skin care products in order to cope with the summer heat. Well, just like you wouldn’t wear very lightweight clothes as it starts to get cold, you should introduce something more appropriate into your winter skin care regime. As the temperature drops, your skin needs something more nourishing than lightweight. Now, this doesn’t mean you have a to start using a very heavy cream. Choose a moisturizer rich in healthy vitamins for your skin to keep it deeply moisturized and healthy, like Co-Pur Vitamin E Pure Moisturizer Formula.

3. Soak it up. Speaking of nourishing your skin, soaking in a warm bath with bath minerals is a great way to restore health to your skin and heal dry skin. Dead Sea Salts are one of the best ways to do so because they balance your skin’s moisture, add minerals, and remove toxins. Soaking for just 20-30 minutes gives you a relaxing treatment with long lasting results.

4. Shield your skin. Protecting your skin from the elements goes beyond just your products. Make sure that when you’re outside, you’re wearing gloves, hats, and scarves to minimize exposure and subsequent skin cracking.

5. Stay active and hydrate. Staying active will benefit body, mind, and skin! Trust me, I’m the first person who votes to just stay inside curled up with a book when it’s cold. Exercise, and plenty of water will keep you glowing all through winter.

6. Back to basics. In the midst of fighting dull winter skin, don’t skimp on the basics of skin care! Regularly cleanse your skin. Keep your pores clean and don’t forget to take your makeup off after the long nights of holiday parties.

In the midst of holiday madness, remember to take care of yourself in order to keep you looking your best!

Destiny FaitheComment