Nightly Tips to Keep Your Skin Beautiful

Nighttime is one of my least favorite times to look in the mirror.  My makeup is fading and I look tired from the long day.  Sometimes all I want to do is crash in bed.  However, nighttime is also the most vital time for your skin.  It’s the time to erase the day’s wear on your skin in order to look rejuvenated in the morning. 

Here are some nighttime tips to keep your skin looking vibrant and young!

#1: Always cleanse your skin at night. You’ve heard this a million times, but it is so important. Over the course of the day, your face becomes one of the dirtiest places on your body from you touching it (however subconsciously).  The most important thing for your skin is to stop the spread of acne, oils, and bacteria.  Fully remove your makeup and make sure your skin is clean in order to give your skin optimal conditions to repair itself overnight. 

Bonus tip: If you always feel too tired to wash your face, do it earlier in the evening. The later the better, but anytime is better than never!

#2: Whether you have sensitive skin or not, it is important that you always treat it gently.  Try using baby washcloths instead of regular ones.  Regular ones may not feel too abrasive for you, but they can be.  Baby washcloths or facial sponges may be something good to try. See if you notice a difference!

#3: Don’t skip the moisturizer.  I have heard some people say that they don’t want to use it to give their skin the night to breathe.  I did my own reading on the topic and every credible opinion I found was that there is no benefit to letting your skin “breathe.” Most estheticians and dermatologists follow this opinion by saying that leaving your skin free allows moisture to evaporate and results in dry skin cell buildup.  Furthermore, skin is most permeable at night, so it benefits most from moisturizer.  Since your skin is regenerating at night, be sure to use products with antioxidant and soothing capabilities such as grapeseed oil.

 #4: Sleep on your back and elevate your head when you sleep. Sleeping on your back prevents your facial skin from being wrinkled or squished by your pillows or arms.  Allowing gravity to work its magic over night will give you a mini natural facelift, so you wake up with smoother skin.  Elevating your head slightly helps to reduce fluid retention in your face and reduces eye puffiness.

#5: Wash your pillowcases weekly. Oils and skin cells build up and you don’t want those to be re-invited onto your skin! Get your beauty sleep and help transform your skin while you’re sleeping. 

There’s so much you can do to help your skin at night and doing it the right way will keep you looking your best.

Destiny FaitheComment