Cleanse Your Skin From the Inside Out

Now that the bitter cold wind and the snow are starting to set in, I want to go outside less and less.  However, my house also seems to be feeling smaller these days and I have to get out.  Time in the gym or yoga studio are amazing ways to do so. And it  happens to be beneficial in just about every way possible. 

Besides the muscle tone, confidence boost, increased mental health, and strengthened immune system, it should be no surprise that regular exercise is wonderful for your skin health.

Exercising increases blood flow, and anything that increases blood flow helps to nourish your cells and keep them healthy. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells, and healthy skin cells are better at healing and regenerating. Even though increased blood flow doesn’t actually detoxify the body, it does flush out waste and other cellular debris.  Detoxification duties belong mostly to your liver, but it so happens that regular exercise also promotes healthy liver function as well.

Essentially, exercising is a tool to cleanse your skin from the inside. 

Increased circulation is also very important to white blood cell production and better lymph drainage. Your lymph nodes are responsible for removing metabolic waste.  When you exercise and increase your heart rate and breathing, your heart pumps more blood.  Therefore, pumping more blood at a given time increases the amount of waste that is removed from the lymph system.  One result of a clean lymph system is that your skin is clearer and less puffy.

Not only that, but regular exercise decreases your stress levels.  No surprise that less stress has nothing but positive effects on your hormones.  Stress hormones largely control sebaceous glands (glands that produce skin’s natural oils). 

Less stress = less oil buildup on your skin = less clogged pores.

So get out and get moving, friends! And as an extra bonus, you can’t ever complain about being cold this winter while you’re working up a sweat. I’d say that’s an overall win!

Destiny FaitheComment