Meet Jordan Our New Co-Pur Intern!

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 Jordan Ziegler

Jordan Ziegler

I am so excited to introduce myself! My name is Jordan and I’m thrilled to be a part of Co-Pur! I have a love for all things health, beauty, and wellness related, and a special interest in those things that are also all natural and organic. First, let me rewind and share a little bit of my background.

Last year, I graduated from Baylor University in Texas with a degree in biochemistry/pre-med. This meant countless hours spent in a lab and writing subsequent reports over and over. In my limited “free time” (translated: “5:30-7:00am”) I eventually discovered and became a part of the most wonderful CrossFit family a girl could ask for. Up until this point, my fitness regime included lots of running and minimal, self-taught weight training. The thought of CrossFit was incredibly daunting! However, this was the start of a whole new life for me. Not only did I fall in love with CrossFit as a sport, but the coaches I worked with constantly preached the importance of clean eating and bestowed upon me invaluable knowledge about the paleo lifestyle and block diets, sparking my love for nutrition.

Before long, I was doing my own research and helping to put together clean-eating meal plans for other members of the gym just for fun! Spending so much time buried in chemistry and biology books, I developed a new appreciation for my studies of cell metabolism and chemicals and their effects. Because of this, my passion for all natural foods and products spread to many different areas of life, one being experimenting with DIY skin care products and detox bath recipes.

Realizing that going back to school to pursue medicine was not something I wanted to do immediately, having the opportunity to be a part of Co-Pur is a perfect place for me to do something I love and share my love for health and beauty. I firmly believe in the Co-Pur mission to educate the community about natural products and inspire healthy changes in others!

Jordan Ziegler

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