7 Beauty Hacks Using Ice Cubes

Perusing Pinterest, as I often do, I stumbled upon something really interesting and out of the box (typical Pinterest, well-played as always).  It was a list of makeup and beauty hacks using only ice cubes.  It was a long list, so I wanted to share those relevant to skin care that were the most creative and most useful.

7 Beauty Hacks Using Ice Cubes

Makeup Primer: I’m not sure if I’m a believer in makeup primer yet, even though eye shadow primer is definitely one of my essentials.  If prepping my skin for long lasting makeup by rubbing an ice cube on my face is a free alternative, I’m willing to give it a try.

Tight Skin: Washing my face with cold water always makes my skin feel immediately firmer, so I assume ice would have an even greater effect.  Give yourself a mini ice facial by wrapping an ice cube in a paper towel and massaging it on your face for a few minutes.  The ice cubes will aid in smoothing your complexion, shrinking pores, and increasing blood circulation to fight blemishes.

Zit Treatment: Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and massage over a zit just like you would for the ice facial.  Tried and true, the cold compress reduces inflammation and redness and is said to also reduce the size of acne scars as well.

Puffy eyes: Another tried and true method, cold compresses never fail to reduce eye puffiness morning or night! Whether you are applying a cold washcloth first thing in the morning or wearing a chilled eye mask to soothe your eyes over night, your puffy eyes need some extra TLC.  This particular list suggested brewing a green tea and freezing it in an ice tray and using the resulting ice cube on and around your eyes.  Which makes sense because the antioxidants from the tea combined with the ice effect reduce puffiness, dark circles, and brighten the area under the eye.

Sunburn Treatment: Not very useful in the middle of winter, but creative nonetheless and got me excited about it! But in case you’re fleeing to a tropical vacation spot for the winter like I’d like to, this could still be handy! Aloe Vera is a miracle substance in all lotion/gel forms. It has wonderful healing properties, but the best part is the instant cooling sensation when it first touches your burned skin.  So why let that be only a two-second sensation? Freeze the aloe gel in an ice cube tray and rub it on the affected area for cooling relief.

Tweezing: I don’t know why, but I have never gotten used to waxing or tweezing. It hurts just as much as the first time every time. Eyes watering and all.  There’s not much you can do to reduce the pain of waxing, especially since the area must be clean and dry.  I’ve accepted that.  When tweezing, though, rubbing ice cubes periodically over the treatment area helps to numb the skin and minimize stinging, redness, and swelling.

Icy Glow: This one is just funny and begged to be included. Freezing natural orange juice into cubes and rubbing them onto your face for a few minutes apparently gives you a natural glow.  I have no idea what orange juice residue feels like on skin and I don’t know how to feel about it. However, I’ve learned that no matter how strange something sounds, if it works, it is always worth trying!


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