The Do's & Don'ts of Eye Skin Care

Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your face and the skin around them is the most delicate on your body.  The skin around the eyes is seven to ten times thinner than anywhere else on your body.  With age, that skin gets even thinner with loss of collagen and elastin.  The skin can also become more dry because it has less oil glands than other skin areas, and is therefore more vulnerable to fine lines forming.  It makes sense then that the delicacy of the skin requires special care.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for taking care of your eye area.


Sleep:  It re-energizes your skin and is super important! Also, who doesn’t love to sleep?

Cucumber slices: They produce a cooling effect and reduce dark circles and puffiness

Vitamin K: If you use a moisturizer, use one specifically made for under the eyes. Many of them contain vitamin K to improve fine lines and make your eyes look brighter.

Almond Oil:  One of the most effective all-natural under eye treatments! Moisturizing the area with a little almond oil softens lines almost instantly and leaves you look bright-eyed and fresh!


Sleeping with makeup on: Never, ever, ever, or ever.  Even if it’s a thin line of eyeliner.  Take off all makeup residue and let your skin breathe and heal over night. Check out our all natural Grape Seed Makeup Remover + Moisturizer.

Applying rich creams: Heavy creams block pores and can cause irritation, especially under the eye.  Using a moisturizer specifically for eyes is important because they are lighter with the minerals needed to repair that sensitive skin.

Rubbing: When applying said creams, apply it very lightly with your ring finger so as not to put too much pressure on the capillaries. Gentle massaging improves circulation, but be careful you’re not trying to work out a non-existent knot in you eye.

Smoke: Nicotine blocks the blood vessels under your eyes and in your face and leads to collagen breakdown.

Take the extra time to care for your eyes the right way to have bright eyes at every age.  A neglected eye area has the power to change your face just as much as a good smoky eye makeup can!

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