Chamomile: Not Just Another Pretty Daisy

Many all-natural skin care products contain chamomile. We’ve all heard the word, but who really knows what it is (or how to spell it)?  Chamomile is actually a more common name for a family of daisy-like plants that have various medicinal purposes. Chamomile has always been a popular herbal remedy because of its beneficial properties and aromatherapy abilities.  Most commonly, the plant’s extract has been used for making tea  because it is an effective sedative, helpful for relaxation and for treating fevers and colds.  However, chamomile has so many other properties that we can incorporate into our daily lives.

Lucky for our skin, chamomile also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory capabilities as well. The healing properties come from the essential oil that is extracted from the plant’s flowers.  Bisabolol, the main ingredient in the extracted essential oil, is the source of many positive properties that cosmetics benefit from.  Its anti-oxidant properties protect your body from free radicals that damage the appearance of skin. It also works as a conditioning agent for your skin. It is excellent for re-hydrating, locking in moisture, and restoring dry skin.  On top of having anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, it soaks into your skin very well, therefore becoming even more effective at soothing rashes, eczema, acne, sunburn or other irritations.  Using chamomile with other products even helps to increase skin’s permeability to other essential vitamins for your skin.  This is especially good when using a moisturizer or other anti-oxidant products or oils, as the combined force of both will have an extremely positive effect on your skin as your skin becomes even more receptive to them.  Since it is non-irritating, chamomile is wonderful and safe for all skin types.

The best part is that chamomile can be used externally and internally.  Even if you are using chamomile topically to improve your skin, drinking chamomile tea can have a great impact on your outward appearance, as well as promoting a healthy inside. It is also said to not only be great for skin, but also to stimulate healthy hair growth.  Grab some chamomile tea bags and put them over your eyes to reduce morning puffiness or rub some into your hair roots before a shower. You might just love the difference chamomile could make in your routine!

We love Chamomile! Which is why we use it as one of the main ingredients in our Facial Scrub + Mask.

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