Five Surprising Uses of Coconut Oil

Word has gotten out about just how amazing coconut oil is, and if you haven't, come and jump on the band wagon with us! Coconut oil is still surprising us with its versatility! With information like this it's too good not to share! So, we have compiled a list of five surprising benefits of coconut oil that you may have not heard of before. So, are you ready? If so, prepare to have your mind blown and reap these benefits.

Ditch the fatty mayo

Yes, I am guilty for enjoying a little mayo on my sandwich. I know. Everyone either hates it, likes it, or was raised on it. No matter what category you may be in, we can all agree with what I'm about to say is pretty amazing. 

Commercially made mayo itself has some very questionable ingredients, especially the chemicals to preserve it, that are unnecessary for your body. What if I told you that there is a very real, natural substitute for this fatty culprit? Yes, that's right you can substitute your regular ole mayo with refined or extra-virgin coconut oil. Does that get you excited because there's more, a lot more. It can also help you avoid gaining wait due to the molecular structure of the oil, in other words it doesn't get packed away as fat as easily but instead goes straight to the liver to be metabolized. Which in return gives you an extra energy boost! It's a win, win!

This is for the dog lovers

Dog lovers love their furry friends like their own children, and if you don't maybe reconsider the term "dog lover" and what it really means to you. Just like children we want our pups to be healthy and happy! So you'll be happy to hear that coconut oil is perfect for our K9's fur coats, allergies, and insides. That's right, if you find your little snookums itching up a storm, just put coconut oil onto their skin and fur. Depending on the size and breed of your dog you can mix some into their food to help their all around health from the inside out.

All biased opinions aside, same benefits go for our beloved felines as well. In fact, strong evidence shows that the use of coconut oil may be linked to the reduction of hair balls, which makes sense since it probably helps their tiny, little digestive systems. Warning to the wise, check with your veterinarian beforehand to get a professional opinion before deciding if coconut oil is right for your pet.

Insect Repellent

Forget about those harmful chemicals like DEET because we have found a much better, healthier solution. Just take coconut oil and mix with essential oil, such as peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, or lavender. Before you know it you have your own homemade bug repellent, that's chemical free and that's great for your skin.

Bee Stings

Coconut oil doesn't only just repel insects but can also help with pesky stings and bites. Once stung by a bee just remove the stinger, rub some coconut oil on, and watch as it helps reduce swelling and pain!

It's just not for your body

Keeping up with home maintenance is tricky business because it seems that the second we fix one thing there is something else that's broken. It can also be a hassle when we don't have the proper tools at hand to fix things, like that squeaky door hinge. Fear not, because coconut oil is the perfect substitute for greasing up hinges and metal.

Well there you go, we have now hopefully made your life a little bit better. Don't you just love coconut oil even more now? That's why we use it in almost all of our products!

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