Tips For a Clearer Complexion

Nowadays it seems that all the media throws in our faces is models with perfect skin. They are glowing, radiant and almost look as if they're airbrushed to perfection...oh wait, they are. With perfect complexions on the cover of every magazine we sometimes, consciously or subconsciously, set unobtainable high standards for ourselves. Let's get one thing clear, everyone has flaws, and you are perfect just the way you are! Yes, that includes that breakout that has seemed to have exploded all over your face, because in the end our bodies are not what makeus. However, there is nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward and striving to have a complexion that you can feel good about. So here are some sure fire tips to help you have that better, healthier complexion without the need of photo-shop:)

Clean your makeup brushes!

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? A dirty makeup brush can be one of the biggest culprits effecting our complexion due to all the bacteria that builds up on them, along with old makeup that might still be lingering. All you have to do is take a cup, put two or three pumps of antibacterial soap in it, and fill with hot water! Next, let your brushes sit in the solution over night and rinse them in the morning! You will be surprised by how much makeup it will remove, but at least it is better than not knowing and still putting it on your face everyday!

Watch what you eat!

Our skin is one of the best indicators of how our insides are doing. The motto "What you put in is what you get out" definitely applies here. If you are eating lots of processed, junky food it can have a direct effect on your skin. Just think about all the toxins that build up in our system from poor food choices we might be making. 

Drink plenty of water!

Speaking of those nasty toxins, water is a fantastic way to get rid of them. That's right, just some plain H2O. If you are having a really bad breakout try drinking more water, because sometimes the source of the problem is just dehydration. Last time I experienced a bad breakout I experimented to see if my dehydration was the source of the problem and sure enough my skin cleared up in two days!


I can't emphasize this enough how crucial moisturizing your face is, especially at night. If you think about moisturizing at night it can almost be counter-intuitive because we assume that it clogs our pours! It is actually one of the most crucial times to do it! After washing our face we remove all the dirt and grime, but we also strip away our face's natural oils. So over night as we lay there with our dry faces, our body feels the need to overcompensate, and ends  up making too much natural oil which ends up clogging our pours. Bottom line, moisturize after you wash your face and before bed to avoid making our bodies feel the need to overcompensate. Plus youwill wake up with a wonderful healthy glow!

If you haven't seen our previous post, "Face Mapping" check it out. This article explains a theory of what might be happening on the inside to help with the outside just by where the breakout is on your face! I reference it all the time and it has worked wonders!

Hope these tips have helped you and leave us a comment if you have any of your own! We love feedback from our readers! Don't forget to spread the love and share this article with a friend!

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