Four Ways to Fight Winter Dryness

Here in cold Colorado there are two things that our weather does well: snow and snow a lot. As much as us Coloradans love our snow, there is no doubt that it drastically affects our daily lives. We go from being carefree summer dwellers, to having an arsenal of varying winter coats on hand and planning ahead so we can stay cooped up during outrageous blizzards. We're talking major changes! There is one change, however, that may not be so obvious or that you have just been downright ignoring. That is, that your skin takes a heavy toll from the dry winter air! It's no doubt that your skin can use some help during these harsh months, so here are four ways to fight winter dryness!

Avoid products with alcohol in them!

I think this one is pretty straightforward, especially if any of you have used germ-x during the winter! It drys out already dry skin! I recommend searching for substitutes or just using plenty of extra butters and/or alcohol free lotion!

Use a toothbrush to "brush" off chapped lips!

Your lips need periodic exfoliating too! When I first heard this it seemed so simple that it should have been obvious!  Of course it’s the simple things that we never think of on our own! Follow up with a Lip Balm  afterwards and you will have awesomely soft lips!

Exfoliate, moisturize, repeat.

We're talking about a really nice exfoliant paired up with an equally as nice lotion.  I personally love our Sea Salt Body Scrub  because it uses sea salts to exfoliate the skin and it has natural and essential oils to re-hydrate! Plus, I love the smell of our Pink Grapefruit! 

Then when it comes to choosing a lotion, find one that is not water based!  Some great substitutes are anything with coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, or shea butter! These things will really penetrate into dry skin and leave a great protective layer. Luckily for you, we have a body balm with all of those things packed into one, here!

Cut back on the shaving!

Ladies, I know some of you out there love to shave. One of my friends told me she shaves her legs everyday! Why? She told me “just in case” if she is ever put in the situation that she has to show them off unexpectedly! I know that there are more of you out there then just my girl here, so let’s be real. It’s winter and it’s okay to say no to the “what if’s” of showing off those legs. No one will know if you have a jungle growing under those uber cute skinnies!

Well, there you have it! I hope this helps you get through these next few months. Lots of love and GO BRONCOS!

Amber FraseComment