A Co-Pur Experiment

A while back I wrote an article called "Summer 'Must Haves'" and made a list of our Co-Pur products that really stood out in performance. One in particular was the Co-Pur, Makeup Remover & Moisturizer. I love this product.  I love this product so much that I decided to dedicate a whole post to it and share some of my recent experiences with it. Some that I think you would find interesting.

I'll start with a personal story. I struggle with acne, acne scars, oily skin, dry skin, you name it, my skin probably suffers from it. For this reason I have tried many different skin care systems to help alleviate, well, any of it. One night I was doing my nightly skin routine, when I ran out of my face lotion. Which was a pretty big dilemma since my skin felt so dry, I thought if I made any facial movements my whole face would crack in two. That dry. I began to search through my medicine cabinet and my eyes fell upon Pure Moisture. A product that I used regularly to take off my make-up. Desperate, and as crazy as it seemed to put pure oil on my face especially since I have terrible acne, I applied it on my face. I went to bed and woke up the next morning not thinking anything about it.

However, something really magical had happened overnight. When I looked in the mirror the next day, my skin looked nothing less than of amazing. My skin was hydrated, it had great color to it, and my face looked like it was glowing. My acne hadn't necessarily cleared up but it was visibly less irritated and seemed to have dulled. My skin felt soft and smooth.

This was so surprising, until I did some research on what was in it.

Pure Moisture contains a formula blend of grape seed oil and vitamin E. Grape seed oil actually contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and explains the change in my skin! It can also help tighten skin and close up pores, which again explains why my skin looked smoother. Vitamin E, I discovered, helps to block free radicals that cause skin damage. So my acne scars that have accumulated in those trouble spots appeared to have dulled in redness.

So the next night, I did it again, and same results the next morning.  (Keep in mind that I used this in very small doses.)

I made no dietary changes, I didn't change my skin care routine, and I was having normal sleeping patterns. It would be interesting to see if I made some better lifestyle changes while still using Pure Moisture like I have to see what results I would get.

While Co-Pur hasn't advertised Pure Moisture in this light, I thought it was worth mentioning my experience with it, and it will definitely be something I will look further into.

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