5 Amazing Ways Shea Butter is Skin-Loving


Shea butter, in all its nutty and buttery goodness, comes from the Karite (Shea) tree which is native to Africa. The nuts of the Karite tree are harvested and boiled to release shea oils. Once the oils are skimmed away from the nuts, the nuts are removed, dried and crushed to extract what we know as shea butter. Unsurprisingly, shea butter has a nutty and somewhat smoky aroma. It is renowned for a certain silkiness when you apply it to the skin.


We usually associate smooth skin with beauty, while drier, rough skin can appear unduly aged. While this can be experienced on the face, it tends to be the hands that show the first signs of a lack of moisture. Using products like our hand balm that contain shea butter, helps your skin to look soft, smooth and ever so desirable, with such little effort!


Wondering if shea butter can be used on your face? It absolutely can, on both the face and body to moisturize skin for a beautiful glow. You might be surprised to learn that the fatty properties of shea butter make it an even better moisturizing choice than coconut oil, another favorite natural skin care ingredient. We recommend applying shea butter body balm straight after showering or bathing because the American Association of Dermatology believes moisturizers can help to trap existing moisture in your skin.


Shea butter’s non-greasy, yet naturally-fatty properties make it ideal to apply to the skin for self-massage. According to Dr Leslie S. Baumann, the fatty acids that give shea butter these features include stearic, oleic and lineolic acid. So, why use it for self-massage? Well, massage helps you feel relaxed, while shea butter has a calming effect on the skin, increasing the overall benefits.

Try a daily self-massage with our hair and body butter to experience the luxurious melting feeling of shea butter for yourself. You can even massage all the way to your scalp, where skin irritation is often a concern. When your hair is coated in shea butter, it helps to make it more manageable, without making it greasy.


Vitamins A and E within shea butter are perfect for helping the fragile skin of your lips look supple (and more kissable too!). Co-Pur lip balm contains shea butter to conveniently moisturize and soften dry lips.


Because shea butter is so softening and moisturizing, you can probably tell that it is a very gentle ingredient as well. That’s why we love it so much at Co-Pur and include it as a base ingredient in just about everything from our cleansing soaps to our loving balms.

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