5 Causes of Dry Lips and How to Care for Them

Everyone wants kissable lips that look beautiful, but feel supple too. Unfortunately, dry lips are a real problem. Dry lips tend to feel uncomfortable in the early stages. If they don’t receive moisturization, they can crack, causing stinging sensations and even exposure to infection.

According to the Dermatology Review, the reason lips dry out quickly is because the skin is very thin. They also don’t contain sebaceous glands so they can’t hydrate themselves with naturally-produced oils. The lips are very exposed, which is why they are susceptible to several dry lips causes. So, to protect and moisturize them, they need some special care.

Here are five common causes of dry lips and our top tips to establish good lip hydration:

1.     Exposure to the elements

Many of nature’s conditions can be drying to the lips. The sun, wind, cold and dry weather can all contribute to moisture being sapped from your skin, especially the lips which are always exposed.

Tip: For general protection from the elements apply a calming lip balm every day. Co-Pur Lip Balm contains moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and organic shea butter to condition and provide moisture. The addition of beeswax allows the moisture to be sealed in naturally. Use lip balm as part of your daily skin care routine and apply it more regularly when your lips are feeling extra dry. It’s perfect for when you fly! In fact, Co-Pur Lip Balm is even a Viva Glam top pick for travel.

2.     Toothpaste and cosmetic products

According to Neil Sadick M. D., a clinical professor of dermatology, chapping can be caused by using toothpastes with a less-hydrating base. Toothpastes often contain the foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate, which can be irritating and drying to the lips.

Tip: Natural or sensitive toothpaste formulas tend to be more hydrating. If you have persistently dry lips, it’s a good idea to try a new toothpaste.

3.     Biting and licking the lips

When the lips feel dry already it can be instinctual to lick them in an attempt to rehydrate them. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect. While it can seem to be providing momentary relief, saliva will actually dry them out further.

Tip: Habits are always a bit tricky to break, but you’ll see significant improvement if you stop licking and biting your lips.

4.     Dehydration

Our whole body depends on water for hydration and the lips are no different.

Tip: Ensure you sip on plenty of water throughout the day, as the small amount that lingers on your lips can help to moisturize them.

5.     Mouth breathing

Breathing through the mouth rather than the nose causes your mouth to dry out, as well as your lips. You might breathe through your mouth when you sleep, but having a cold is also a common time to have this issue.

Tip: All the tips we’ve mentioned so far are essential to follow for dry lips care, but when you are having difficulty breathing through your nose, it’s particularly important to apply soothing lip balm for hydration routinely.

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