5 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Skin

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Have you heard a little about tea tree oil being great for the skin and want to know more? The truth is, tea tree oil can benefit the skin in some very specific and yet completely natural ways. This essential oil possesses its incredible properties thanks to an Australian native tree. You see, it is steam-distilled from the branches and leaves of the shrub-like Melaleuca. It has a wonderfully distinct piney and refreshing smell, which is we love it so much!

Now, let’s take a closer look at five ways tea tree oil can help your skin look radiant:

Acne Control

You’ll probably be excited to hear that tea tree oil can be used by acne sufferers. According to the American Association of Dermatology, clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of the topical application of pure tea tree oil on acne-prone skin, particularly for mild to moderate cases. According to the Dermatology Review, the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil destroy the bacteria colonizing on the skin’s surface, which is the underlying cause of acne.

Tea tree oil also sinks into the skin to help clear pores clogged with natural oils and debris. Tt’s non-comedogenic – another wonderful property. Tea tree oil is a low-irritant to the skin, so this natural alternative is becoming increasingly popular as people look to avoid the side effects that can accompany chemical-based acne treatments.

Eczema Relief

According to Healthline, studies have shown pure and diluted tea tree oil to be more effective than some prescription treatments at reducing the symptoms of eczema. Primarily, this is because of tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory properties which help lessen the skin irritation that is associated with eczema. Its antibacterial properties are also key to stopping any infection from spreading during eczema flare ups.

Razor Burn Relief

Another of tea tree oil’s benefits for skin is providing relief from the common and unsightly razor burn. Keep your skin feeling soft with our Cool Tea Tree Body Balm. Rub into your skin daily, after showering, and you’ll have silky-smooth legs again in no time!


We know you’d rather not think about it, but fungal foot infections do happen to the best of us! After all, our busy lives mean we spend most of our days with our feet restricted in shoes. Pure tea tree oil can help keep fungal growth at bay because of its antiseptic properties. These properties make it useful for athlete’s foot and fungal nail infections. It can even help with odors that accompany foot conditions.


At Co-Pur, we love the hydrating benefits of this mighty oil, from top to toe. Our Cool Tea Tree Soap is a gentle cleanser, and not drying – thanks to tea tree oil. Use it daily and see your skin start to glow!

If you feel like your hands are always dry, then suffer no longer! Our Cool Tea Tree Hand Balm containing tea tree oil moisturizes everything richly. Even your cuticles will thank you!

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