Start Your New Year Right with a Self-Care Routine


After the excitement of the holidays, and you settle back into the daily grind, you might find yourself hoping to live your life with more intention for an improved sense of wellness. That’s where a self-care routine comes in.

Self-care is about putting yourself first, finding space for introspection and developing self-love. Of course, a wholesome routine should focus on all five aspects of self-care, including physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellness. Let’s take a closer look at these ideas to help you put together your self-care routine for 2018.

Physical: show your body some love

Start your day with a short burst of exercise and plenty of room temperature water to rehydrate. If you can exercise outdoors, you’ll not only feel energized physically but calmer in an emotional sense too.

Your body will feel your efforts to care for it if you take warm baths to relieve any physical tension. After your bath, apply a soothing body product like Body Balm to seal in moisture. Boost the benefits of this relaxing time by using a face mask to refresh your complexion. Last month we shared some fun DIY face mask ideas (that are totally natural!).

Social: share the love

All relationships need attention, and that means making sure time spent with family and friends isn’t relegated to only the time you have left over in your day. If you feel like you might have some negative influences within your social circle, it might be worth spending some time away from them and more time among the uplifting ones.

It’s also important to find purpose. You may already feel a sense of purpose in caring for your family, but volunteering is another excellent way to stay connected with your community.

Intellectual: invigorate your mind

Stimulation and motivation are the order of the day. If you struggle to find time to read a book or do a crossword, then make sure you schedule some uninterrupted time. Another great way to expand your knowledge or ways of thinking, without adding more screen time to your day is to listen to a podcast. For maximum enjoyment, choose your favorite place, whether that’s your couch or the beach and accompany with a soothing beverage.

Emotional: look for the positives

When we’re emotionally healthy, we are better equipped to share kindness and understanding with others. Try centering yourself emotionally by keeping a gratitude journal and retreating from spirals of negative self-talk. You can also try letting your emotions out through artistic expression like singing along to your favorite music or drawing.

Spiritual: deepen your understanding

Spiritual self-care is perhaps the most personal aspect, gaining a deeper understanding of who we are and how we fit into the world. Yoga and meditation are practices we stand by at Co-Pur to help feel calmer and more connected to ourselves.

If you want to know more about why self-care is so important but why we seem to find it unnatural to practice it, you can see a fantastic article here.

Making sure your self-care needs are being met daily will make your life more pleasurable and improve your sense of connectedness with those around you, as well as your own self. We only ask you this: when life gets busy, keep up with your self-care routine, because that’s when you need it most.

Let us know in the comments – what self-care practices are you going to take up in 2018?

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