How to Choose the Perfect Soap

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It’s something you wash your largest organ with every day, but have you ever really thought about whether the soap you’re using is the best choice for your skin health? The overwhelming variety of soaps on the market doesn’t make it easy to narrow your selection. That’s why we’re bringing you our guide to choosing the perfect soap, as well as a few tips on scary things to watch out for.

Avoid foaming agents

The harsh truth about foaming agents is that they are also harsh on your skin. Many people love liquid soaps or body washes for their convenience. But, these commonly contain an added foaming agent that you need to be aware of. That ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is widely used in synthetic industrial cleaners and is a known skin irritant.

Avoid synthetic fragrances

According to dermatologist Joseph F. Fowler, Jr., MD, FAAD, fragrances and preservatives in skin care products are a common cause of skin reactions. Our skin is sensitive, and so it can be irritated by many ingredients. That’s why our all-natural range of soaps at Co-Pur are fragrance-free.

Avoid microbeads

According to Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D., harsh microbeads are “way too irritating and abrasive to the skin”. But there’s more to microbeads than causing skin irritation. The microbeads found in commercial soap products are just ‘microplastics’ that contaminate our waterways and end up in the digestive systems of marine life. That’s why if you prefer exfoliating soaps, we suggest those that contain natural and smooth exfoliating ingredients instead, like jojoba beads.

Choose all-natural ingredients that enhance your skin

Have you ever found your skin seems drier the more you cleanse it? Sadly, commercial soaps are more like detergents than real soap. They clean it so thoroughly that they sap the necessary natural oils and moisture from your skin.

Because the skin on your body has fewer oil glands than your face, using a bar of soap that is naturally moisturizing is a great idea. No more dry legs in winter, right!? All Co-Pur soaps contain coconut oil and organic shea butter for their intense hydrating properties that skin just loves.

Here are a few more of our favorite natural ingredients:

Consider the environment

Choosing the perfect soap shouldn’t be just about what’s right for your skin, but also what’s not going to impact the environment negatively. We’ve already discussed steering clear of microbeads, but there are some more ingredients that need to be on your radar. The synthetic and petroleum products commonly found in bar soaps are toxic to the ecosystems that live in the waterways where all those suds end up.

So, in this instance, what is best for your skin – all-natural soaps – is also what’s best for the environment. Finding that perfect soap really can be a win-win!

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