Show Your Gratitude by Pampering Mom This Mother’s Day

We believe moms deserve to be pampered every day, but in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to take the selflessness of moms for granted. Mother’s Day is the reminder we all need to show our moms some very deserved appreciation. And while there’s no shortage of beautiful expensive gifts on store shelves, what moms tend to care about most of all is time spent with you – those they love best.

So today, we’re sharing our favorite ways to pamper moms and spend a little more quality time with them.

Indulge in a home beauty treatment

A spa day doesn’t have to be expensive when you prepare one from the privacy and comfort of your mom’s home. Surprise her with a collection of natural beauty products to indulge her skin and soothe her senses. Spend a few hours relaxing in each other’s company as you give her a manicure and apply a refreshing face mask. Our must-have recommendation? Co-Pur’s Two-In-One Facial Scrub and Mask with French green clay and chamomile powder.

Is your mom a DIY-lover? Then she might enjoy spending a bit of time in the kitchen with you, experimenting with some home-made beauty treatments. For inspiration, check out these easy (and delish) DIY masks you can make at home.

Surprise her with a spa breakfast

Sometimes the most luxurious feeling comes from the simplest things – like not having to cook. Serving up a beautiful spa-like breakfast will see your mom’s special day off to the perfect start. If you’ve managed to source her favorite tea or coffee for the occasion – all the better. Check out some of these lovely breakfast recipes for inspiration.

Serve it to her in bed or find a patch of sunshine to enjoy it in. And remember – she is absolutely not to do the dishes!

Arrange a family photo day

If your mom’s a photo-lover, imagine how thrilled she would be to find out you’re all having professional family photos taken! Ask your siblings to chip in, and it can be a treat from your whole family.

If that’s a little out of your budget, there’s a wonderful alternative. Does your mom love looking through the old family albums or watching home videos? Then Mother’s Day is the ideal time to put aside your plans, sit down and give her the opportunity to talk about memories of you growing up. Put on a pot of tea (or pick up a bottle of wine) and get ready to reminisce.

Take an outdoor yoga class together

Most moms struggle to find the time for themselves. Has she been trying to get back into yoga, or is it something she’s always wanted to try? Attending an outdoor yoga class together is a fantastic bonding experience, and it will allow you to reconnect with nature. Good for the mind, body and soul – we think that’s just the kind of Mother’s Day the doctored ordered!

This Mother’s Day is a particularly special one for Co-Pur founders Destiny and Michael who just welcomed their first child into the world! And so, as they enjoy this special occasion, they invite everyone to share in their joy and in showing all mothers gratitude for their extraordinary role in our lives.

How are you planning to spend Mother’s Day this year?

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